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I'm very sorry if this rules page just looks like a big list of Do Nots, but these are important... and under the right circumstances I might just bend them. However, rules are useful for weeding out jerks and losers (no offence to the jerks and losers out there) and you'll probably find yourself following these rules anyway.

No Retcon!
    Please, think out every important detail about your character beforehand. I don't want people suddenly changing who their parents were, or what planet they grew up on. The time for deciding that is before you start playing. It's horribly messy and often leaves people confused.

No Angst!
    As much as I understand that some people can be wrought with anxiety over an incident in their past, or perhaps grief from a recent tragedy, I would like to say that if you wander around like a Vampire: The Masquerade reject I will personally hunt you down and set fire to your intestines. Cruel, but fair.

No Goth!
    In relation to the rule above, I'd like to add this. Oddverse, thankfully, has no goths. So you can't dress up like The Crow and spout bad poetry. Yes, it is bad. Also, if you even think about sending an application with the word "vampyre" in, I am going to kill you.

No Mary-Sue!
    I think this rule is pretty clear. Oddverse is about playing a character with depth and personality, not playing a a clone of yourself who's the best at what they do. Everyone has detail, and everyone has flaws. Make sure you've got them, or I'll make sure you do.

No Cliché!
    Please... no. I don't want to see any mysterious orphans, or evil twins. No chosen ones, fabled warriors or "the last" anythings. If you have to rely on hackneyed stuff like that, you really shouldn't bother. However - if you can put a hilarious twist on it then I might just be lenient.

No Changing!
    If you suddenly decide that metamorphs/starborn/whatever suddenly have a new ability that you think is cool, then I will hate you forever and ever. My universe, my creations, no touchy. However, if you can give me a good reason why they might have such an ability, I might just agree. However, it's unlikely.

No Taking It Serious!
    Some characters are utter jerks. However, just because their character is a jerk doesn't mean that they really hate you, so leave it where it belongs. Maybe they just need some tender love, or a black eye.

No Twinking!
    When roleplaying, don't make yourself single-handedly triumph against insurmountable odds, or have some Deus Ex Machina save the day. The surreal setting is no excuse. It is often far more fun to lose on purpose than to succeed by stupid means. And it annoys pretty much everyone else.

No Killing!
    If you kill another player's character, you will be kicked out so fast time will reverse and their death will never have actually happened. MY UNIVERSE, NOT YOURS.

So, there's the rules. They're there for your safety, folks.
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