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Character Creation Guide

An important thing to remember when creating your Oddverse character is that you will be one ordinary person in a very, very big galaxy. You will not be the world's greatest pirate, or the Metamorph King, or Yuri Gagarin himself. However, this is no excuse for giving your character as much depth as a paddling pool.
    Your character will have to take part in adventures whether they like it or not, just like in real life, and having them as as uninteresting as they can be will not help you one bit. Oddverse is not meant to be taken entirely seriously, so having a little daftness to your character won't hurt, but please don't make it totally silly or no one else will take you seriously. Your character must be a well-rounded individual with a past - that past can be secret and mysterious, but nothing like being the true heir to the Metamorph throne or something as silly as that.
    For those new to this kind of thing, create a character that's easy to roleplay for the best results. You can base them upon yourself, but don't have them exactly the same as you as that's hardly fun at all. Creating a character totally unlike you can be very fun, but also very difficult to roleplay.

    When creating your character, start off with the basics, such as physical appearance, job and home planet. Remember that Oddverse is an entire galaxy, so don't be afraid to invent a few names for originality. Capitalist planets tend to be named after American/Western European cities, though some have original names. Some Soviet planets are named after someone and ending in -grad, like Gagaringrad or Barasgrad, though many just have Russian/East European names. Metamorph planets have a Roman/Greek sound to them, and the few Undead planets that have names have connotations of death, like Morteska. Space pirate planets are often named after famous pirates/authors who wrote about pirates (Rackham, Stevenson), after Caribbean islands/towns (Kingston), after places in pirate stories (Montressa) or just plain made up (Juvafenta).
    For quick reference, Capitalists tend to be uptight and straight-edged, Soviets are smug and accented, metamorphs are quirky and sarcastic and necromancers are greedy jerks. Starborn have the personalities of enigmatic teenagers, metamorph Nobles are condescending and superior.
    No one ever fits a stereotype exactly, though, but do keep within the boundries of what's normal: a Soviet would never serve aboard a Capitalist ship, for example.

    This is not to say that you character can't challenge convention, only that some conventions are too strong to be broken. A young metamorph Noble can become a pirate cabin boy, if they hate the fact they're Nobility (it happens). A necromancer can stop acting like a selfish jerk for more than two seconds, under rare circumstances.
    Follow these guidelines when writing your character, and submit it to this address, preferably with the word "Oddverse" in the subject so I can sort it. If accepted, make your character's journal and put this info in the 'Bio' section.

Sample Character

    Name:    Lars "Grizzly" Gojovik.
    Make the name suit your character. This, for example, isn't the right name for a respected Capitalist commander.
    Gender:    Male.
    If I have to explain this I'll scream. For metamorphs, who can change their gender at will, put their favoured gender or "metamorph".
    Age:    28 years and 3 months.
    Be as vague or as precise as you want to be, depending on your character.
    Race:    Soviet.
    Race basically covers what you are, Soviet or metamorph or necromancer, etc. Just to note: there are other races than metamorph. I am going to be exasperated if everyone wants to be one.
    Profession:    Bounty hunter.
    Profession can also mean your current employment status, such as escaped slave, drifter, someone's stalker, etc.

    Appearance:    Short and stocky, Lars is barely five feet tall but almost three feet across at the chest. He is obnoxiously hairy, covered in wirey black hair that's as thick on his back as it is on his head. Thankfully he keeps himself well covered in a dirty vest, decaying army trousers, giant leather boots that raise his height by six inches and a thick fur jacket. In his many pockets he holds all kinds of useful items, including a tazer and a double-barreled raygun.
        He has a squat, pumpkin-shaped head, with a squashed nose and offset jaw. On his left cheek and right temple are two long, curved scars, the marks left by an angry metamorph. His left ear is pierced five times at the top, with simple gold rings in each perforation. Living the lonely life of a bounty hunter, he has the hygiene of a corpse and often comes back from long jaunts in space smelling worse than a septic tank. That and his gruff, beligerent personality have ensured him a friendless life. Though not the most successful bounty hunter ever, he is still better than most thanks to his lack of compassion and sheer tenacity, and likes to boast loudly of his skills, especially when drunk.
    This basically describes how your character first looks when they start the RP. Over time you can amend this as they get interesting scars, bruises, medals, fresh underwear and so forth.

    History:    Born on high-gravity planet Lovodingrad in 676AG, Lars grew up a bully and a jerk, eventually putting those skills into practical use by becoming a bounty hunter and tracking down wanted felons and pirates. He started off in 697, armed only with a malfunctioning raygun and a bootknife, but quickly started making money thanks to his talent of barroom brawling learnt as a teenager. He spent several years hunting across Soviet space, before starting to roam the galaxy looking for more money, eventually ending up in space pirate territory, scouring the spaceports and bars for pirate with outstanding bounties on their heads. He hangs around Marlin nowadays, his face always a mass of bruises from his latest fight after drunkenly revealing his profession.
    Everything that's happened to them up until now. Make sure that your years are correct in relation to the rp (starting date for the rp is January 4th, 703AG - the rp is not real time) and make it as detailed as your character will let on. If they're gregarious and talk a lot about their past, include whatever information they'd say. If they're tight-lipped, just put down idle rumours and whispers about where they come from, etc.

The RP will be starting off in Marlin spaceport in space pirate territory, so consider a reason why your character would be at this place to start with - they don't have to be a pirate, as shown above. However, as time progresses all manner of other locations will be visited and latecomers can join in then.
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What areas allow slavery?
The metamorph Nobilty have no qualms with working their people to death (bastards that they are) and sentence even the most minor of criminals to a life of slavery, doing the most disgusting jobs ever.
tony blair's dentistry?
And polishing his bald spot.
hi. i may see if i can get my imagination together and make up a character for this, but i think i'd need to use a sub-story to start with, just to get the handles on it. would this be a problem? if i did.

and, as a trivia question, you're using earth years, arent you? what about the different planets. how do they typically compare?

and how evil are demons? are they *EVIL* evil? not that i'd pick one, seeing as i can't act remotely evil, and i can't stand zombies.

i was thinking of some kind of poor metamorph, who just tries to be as human and non-extrovertive as possible. but if i decide to join, i'll probably think if something better.
also, from this:
"with simple pointy razor-sharp limbs that change for their whatever purpose"

is that the same skill that the metamorphs use, and if it is, are the two species connected in the depths of history?

delete this post if it somehow ruins some great future storyline.
I can safely say that it is not similar to any metamorph skill whatsoever, and demons and metamorphs are about as related as two things that are really unrelated.

Metamorphs are human(ish), demons are completely inhuman.
good, good.
what on earth is human(ish)!?
i think i need some history lessons.
They're almost entirely 100% human... but not quite.
i'm glad i asked, that's entirely cleared up now.
Well, most humans can't change their genetic code at will, so there's about 1.6% difference between metamorphs and true humans.
i wondered if genetics were even used in Oddverse.
Sure. You know me, I lust for genetics.
Q1) Is there any clever idea that says sentient creatures must be humanoid (or draconic)? ("it's just a law of physics", "happy coicidence" and "they dont, but i'm making them up if there are others" are all acceptable answers)
Q2) ... Has baly got any followers, sort of like the monks, but more active in their pursuit of wrong?
Q3) where did all the power of the apathy spell go after godrent was defeated?
Q4) how exactly does your FTL physics work? what goes on (interaction) between the ether and the planet's atmosphere.
Q5) i'm a sucker for making half-breed chars. please tell me "NO! none of them can crossbreed!".
A1) Well, they're pretty much all dead.
A2) Baly had a few followers, but they went away after he punched on in the nose. And he's got god-like strength.
A3) Godrent was spread across the galaxy instead of being in one tiny (by galactic standards) body. Spread so thin, his sentience and power dwindled to almost nothing. The apathy's all gone.
A4) FTL is done by science or magic, and I don't know enough science or magic to explain it. But trust me, there's an awesome explanation. Also, a planet's atmosphere merges into the ether very far out, so there's no chance for the poisonous gas to pollute a planet.
A5) Uh... Crossbreed? There's no real alien races. Starborn breed by the process of bifusion-trifission, and dragons do it the old fashioned way. While Starborn and mandragons can mate with humans, Starborn are so alien they cannot produce offspring with humans, and the child of a mandragon is either a mandragon or human - usually more likely when the mandragon parent is the female.
that's good. not *too much* messy genetics.
(and just to be nittpicky, mandragon + mandragon = dragon, or mandragon? and i assume starborns must be in their native habitat, to produce offspring.)
Depends on what form they're in. If they mate when in dragon form, 'tis a dragon. When they're in man form, 'tis a mandragon. Once pregnant they stick to the shape they were in. However, any dragon can become a mandragon.
Starborn reproduce in the hearts of stars. They merge together - being creatures of pure energy - and draw in more energy from the surrounding star. Then they split into three, the third being the child. Starborn have a pace memory, handing down their memories to their children.

Oh, I should probably add to the info/character page that all Starborn are neuter by default, only being male or female when they feel they have to be. They don't have to be any specific gender to mate, so a lot of misunderstanding about human relationships happens.


13 years ago


13 years ago


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13 years ago

Yes, I'm using Earth years. All the capital planets in the galaxy have Earth years/months/days out of sheer, happy coincidence. Some other planets have different rotations/orbits, but the population still use Earth years. Humans find it hard to settle down on planets that are too fast or too slow.

Demons are EVIL EVIL evil. So evil that I'm not letting anyone play one. They're managers, and their business involves mass genocide. Very evil.

Hm, gah, everyone's choosing to be a metamorph. I know they're cool, but try something else. Also, metamorphs ARE human, and not all are extroverted.
i will think of something else.
i'd just be a background character (a bit close to Rule 3) , and possibly plain human. i'm not sure. like i said, i need history lessons.
"Plain human" is subjective. I've never known a human to be plain. Just read through everything and think of a character. E-mail me and then I'll point out anything you might have got wrong or anything without sounding too much of a smug jerk.

(Be warned: There will be limp wrists.)
SO made the journal. Be fearful.
Great! Now get roleplaying!
I yam! I yam! Yeesh! *logs in*