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[OOC] This Is Your Benevolent Dictator Speaking...

This is Jon, in a quick possibly-going-to-be-deleted-later-on post to break the silence. A few words, before the meat of the matter: A new post, from one of my characters, will probably be up before the end of the week. I'm almost done with a major Realverse project and I wish to celebrate by abandoning my life in favour of roleplaying. Yay.

Now, down to business. The Oddlopedia: a veritable cacophony of information, collected from the nine corners of the galaxy and condensed down into a nicely ordered... thing.

However, it is barely complete. I think there's about thirty articles complete, bonus points if you can find them all without just clicking through them all in order. Most tend to link to one another, and most are small and insignificant, if that helps.

Because it is incomplete, I am giving you - my wonderful players, whom I adore so very much so - the chance to influence me. Basically, if there's a particular article which intrigues you and I have not yet finished or started it, just say and I'll get right on it. Also, anything not on the list that you wish to know about you can suggest too. If more than two of you want the same article, I'll work on it twice as hard.

If no one responds to this post within, say, a week, I'll delete it good and proper.
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