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Ways To Go

Siderial half-fell out of his bunk and limped toward the stairs. He felt weak, too weak to fly or hover, or even phase. His boots thudded on solid wood, and he eased himself up to the deck above. His clothes felt loose, even his trousers, and a close inspection of his arm revealed his was actually much thinner than he had been a few short hours ago. He reckoned he had about a day to find a sun and recharge. Until then, human food and electrical charges would sustain him.

Just so long as I don't get into a confrontation with baldy again, he thought mournfully. That ice... burned. No, fire burned - a sharp pain for the merest moment. Ice... chilled. It got into his bones - or where his bones would be - and drained him. It was like dying in slow motion.

As he stepped up on deck he stumbled, but managed to steady himself in time. Blink, still in... whatever form that could possibly be classed as, was being harassed by a group of strange, ill assorted humans. Frankly, any one of them on their own could be described as ill assorted. Most of them were waving pieces of paper, Nemma included, who seemed adamant to speak to Blink before certain others did. Siderial smiled wearily, knowing that it may involve spanners at dawn.

Blink was in no position to speak with him alone, then. Worrying, considering what he'd... learnt of the Vorschaefans, but it could wait for a moment. He'd have to duck out when they passed the next star, though, regardless of whether he'd spoken to Blink or not. The feeling of constant exhaustion was almost painful, in a way.

He slumped down against the hull, his huge eyes staring out at the distant stars passing by. He winced in hunger and let his head flop down, away from the tempting glitter. He needed to rest and eat, try and gain as much energy as he could without eating Blink out of house and home.
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