Captain Blink (captain_blink) wrote in oddverse,
Captain Blink

3...2...1...Unexpectedly enthusiastic blast off!

"I knew there was a reason I was keeping you around," Blink muttered to Siderial, feeling queasy from the method of travel. He had expected the amphibian demon form he was wearing to be more resilient, and scowled. "Right, we're getting out of here right now. We will just have to look for crew at some other port."

"ALL HANDS!" he yelled, hopping up into the main deck from the hold, where Siderial's shadow travel had deposited them. A few of the crewmates raised weapons until they heard the slight lisp at the end of "handth"; then they shuttled off to their positions obediently. To Blink's immense surprise, when the ship took off, he found he should have been wearing his seatbelt. He was thrown forward by the ship's booming jolt, his sticky frog belly squashed up against the wheel and all the breath gone out of him.

"Is that a tank of dragon pee getting burned in your cylinders, or are you just happy to see me?" he murmured when he could speak again, patting the wheel affectionately. It was only a few moments later, when they were safely zooming away from the sorcerous vampire/metamorph-led zombie infestation, that he looked up to discover the crew he had never hired clutching their flyers and looking at him expectantly.

The demon frog cocked its head in disbelief at what he found before him, which was hard since it had no neck. Its liberally fanged mouth dropped open in a cartoonish gape, showing a bizarre purple tongue and a matching uvula. It tried to say, "What the hell are you doing safely getting away from the zombies without either proper payment or having been hired first?!" but all that came out was a mucuousy 'ribbet.'

Afanasy laughed.

[OOC: Anyone that did not actually play a scene getting their character on board can write it in their journal or have a flashback at some other point--for now we will just assume you are stowaways, crew that got lost looking for the captain, etc. and just got trapped on the ship :) If anyone now playing wants to put a new character in this is probably the best way to do it. Unless you are sitting with PJ on a deserted planet waiting for us to scoop you up.]
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