Siderial Scion (faerygunman) wrote in oddverse,
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Arrivals and Rivals

Siderial poked his head through the deck, peering around from toe-height. Whatever had caused the thud still had to be around, and it still was. It - or rather, he - was a bald man dressed in red and lying on his front, drooling on the planks. Siderial rose up out of the floor and drifted over to him.

He had a strange, musty smell to him that made Siderial's eyes water and throat itch. I didn't even know my eyes could water, thought Siderial, rubbing at his eyes. The strange man was clearly a sorcerer, though whether or not he was entirely human, Siderial was still uncertain.

At the Starborn's constant prodding and poking, the sorcerer gave a splutter, a snort, a scream and tried to sit bolt upright. However, when someone is lying facedown with their arms by their side, sitting bolt upright is impossible, and very painful.
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