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Call for Crew

The 'Capitalishtsh' and 'Shoviet pinko dogs' on Captain Blink's ship regularly killed one another, so the captain had a store of flyers announcing they needed crew. Whenever a few of them picked each other off, he just rolled out the posters.

Captain Blink cared very little when they stabbed/poisoned/choked/drowned/beat one another to death, usually, for the less crew meant the more treasure for each of them when they divvied up their spoils. Unfortunately, they were about to head into a part of space well-populated with merchant ships, and all of them guardedly watching out for pirates. These savvy vessels rented guards, sometimes even had official Navy escorts, and traveled in caravans. The Black Hole's usual surprise attack was not effective, because even if no one saw them coming, they were expecting it anyway.

He sighed and nailed another flyer up on the wall.

This was turning out to be a most extraordinary (and unwelcomely so) evening. He wished that bastard Afanasy would have been one to leave, rather than Rudyard and Bilton. They were good for something, at least, and also in their favor was the fact they did not carry oversized maggots about like a rich woman with a carefully-coiffed poodle.


on board The Black Hole
No restrictions apply. Membership effective immediately upon acceptance.
Apply on board The Black Hole
Captain of Black Hole not responsible for injury, illness, or death on board or near ship.
Someone had better show up--I need to get out of here before things get even weirder, he thought sourly, and made his way back to the ship to wait for applicants.
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